• 「Windsor x HyunA 《A`wesome》Sign meeting」


    Sexy queen HyunA came to Hong Kong today for her fan signing event in Windsor House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. This is HyunA's first signing event in Hong Kong, many fans come to see her and support with the biggest cheers and supporting banners. HyunA enjoy spending time with her fans, played games together and gave out signed albums. It is surely a day to remember for her fans!

  • HYUNA Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Taiwan -The Queen`s Back-


    HYUNA Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Taiwan -The Queen's Back- Date and time:2016/09/04 (Sun) 15:00 Venue:TICC Ticket open:2016/7/17 (Sun) 12pm Ticket price:NT$2,000 / 2,800 / 3,800 / 4,600 / 5,800(23 tickets only) (All seated) Ticket available on:http://hyunaasiatou.kktix.cc/events/hyunaasiatour45cf